Club Rules - for their health and safety!


On entering a class, children must head to the designated warm up area and be seated until a coach begins the lesson.  The coaches may be preoccupied with setting up the equipment and talking to parents so it is very important they remain seated until the class starts.


Parents are not permitted to be in the hall during a session (unless it's parents viewing week or a child's very first session) We simply do not have the space.


Please ensure your child has been to the toilet prior to the class.  The warm up can get very distrupted when many of the class leave half way through!


Children are NOT permitted on the apparatus unless instructed by a coach.  Although we do appreciate help with packing equipment away, for obvious reasons children may only help with the floor mats and leave the heavier equipment for the adults.


Children are expected to wear the club leotard or black shorts and t-shirt.  (Except the school clubs)

Clothing with zips, buttons or other metal adornments are not permitted.  Children must train in bare feet or gym shoes if preferred.


Long hair must be tied back but hard plastic clips or alice bands are not advisable to secure hair as these have been known to cause injury. No jewellery to be worn at all.


Please make sure your child brings a bottle of water with them.  It is important to keep hydrated during intense activity.


Although we aim to make our classes fun, we will not tolerate 'horse play' or irresponsible behaviour.  It can be very distracting and therefore dangerous in a physical learning environment such as a gymnastics club.


Coaches reserve the right to refuse a child's participation in a session on the grounds of reasonable safety.  If any of the above rules have not been adhered to as it may invalidate our insurance.


Please read FULL gymnast Code of Conduct in addition to this sumary of rules.
















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