Covid 19

Please read the following to ensure a clear understanding of what parents need to do in order to help in keeping our club members safe !


A full Risk Assessment of what we are doing to ensure your child's safety during our classes can be found below.



1)  All gymnasts to use the toilet to eliminate as much as possible the need to visit when getting to the gym.

2) All gymnasts to wash their hands in soap and water prior to leaving home in an effort to stop any transmission to the facility.

3) Children must arrive in what they will be wearing for gym.  We will only have room to store a pair of shoes and water bottle for each child (and inhalers if needed.)


1) Please wait outside the hall / gym (socially distanced) Children will be taken in one by one. Parents will not be permitted in the building.

2) On entering the hall /gym the gymnast will be asked if they feel well.

3) Children will then use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the hall / gym.

4) Children will have a designated area to store shoes / water bottle for the lesson

5) There will be further hand sanitisers placed around the hall at strategic places. They will use this within the session

6) The toilets (hopefully not required) will be one at a time.

7) Gymnasts must wash hands thoroughly with soap and water for the appropriate amount of time after using the toilets.

8) Gymnasts will be split into ‘bubble groups’ in which they will remain for the remainder of the session.

9) We will be wiping down the apparatus after each session

10) All coaches will be provided with a face covering and a visor and  will be socially distanced from the gymnasts.


1) All gymnasts will exit from the fire exit door (one by one)

2) Parents will not be permitted in the hall / gym at pick up to assist their child

3) Classes will be re-scheduled so that there is sufficient cleaning time.


Please ensure you pick your child up on time to avoid any hanging around the facility unecessarily.  Together we can do our bit to ensure this fun and wonderful activity can continue to run for your child!



RMS Covid Risk Assessment April 2021.doc[...]
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Bisley Covid Risk Assessment April 21.pd[...]
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Risk Assessment Charters April 2021.pdf
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